• Suzzanne is a very warm, caring individual who sets and attains the highest standards in her work. During her time as a therapist we received many wonderful compliments as to her aptitude and the wonderful service she provided to clients. She has a wealth of professional and personal experience and I would certainly recommend her as a therapist to my closest friends and family”.

    Mrs Rebecca Southall
    Clinical Lead Therapist, Supervisor, Lecturer GB Prohealth Ltd


  • “Suzzanne is inspiring; she is devoted to her purpose and maintains integrity in all she does. She has a unique ability to engage with a diverse range of people and connect with them individually and collectively, generating trust and igniting a passion within people to enable change, growth and development.

    Suzzanne is very focused in her work and pays extreme attention to detail. She is a pleasure to work with and contributes immensely to the team at E.ngage Consultancy, through her invaluable insight and genuine passion”.

    Melissa Shervington
    E.ngage Consultancy


  • “Whilst employed by Spurgeons Suzzanne worked on the business plan for a Project which supports young female offenders serving a custodial sentence through engaging them with peer and professional volunteer mentors.
    This Project was subsequently funded by the Big Lottery as a three year England-wide initiative with the aim of supporting young women to stop re-offending on release from the secure estate.
    During the business planning stage Suzzanne worked in partnership with young women offenders to ensure that the Project was based on their needs, that they were intrinsic within the design and development of the Project and that their voice was heard. This work involved the engagement of community artists who supported the young women to develop a logo and art work for the business plan.

    Suzzanne also supported the young women to play an active role in the launch and governance of the Project and the recruitment of the Project staff team.

    Feedback from the young women was that their involvement in the Project, supported by Suzzanne had a positive impact on them including increasing their confidence and self esteem, raising their aspirations and developing new skills.”

    Amanda Massey
    Regional Manager


  • “Whilst volunteering as a counsellor in our children and young peoples’ bereavement and loss counselling service, Suzzanne showed great empathy, insight and skill in her counselling role with her clients. She has an ability to be with young people in a way that helps them to feel comfortable to form a trusting relationship with her and share what is difficult for them helping them to find a way of managing their loss.

    Suzzanne is very professional in her working relationships with other adults. Whilst remaining within strict confidential boundaries, she is always willing to share her professional knowledge and experience to benefit others”.

    Jeanette Rawlinson
    Manager and Counsellor
    Spurgeons Beyond The Horizon


  • “Suzzanne is a highly skilled and effective counsellor. She has insight coupled with a wide range of tools to enable self exploration and discovery, and support for you in your journey towards change. A few minutes with Suzzanne talking through grief and I had seen the issue from a new and liberating perspective. Thank you…”

    Siobhan Harper-Nunes
    CEO Shakti Women


  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Suzzanne for several years now. She is extremely gifted and passionate about helping other people who have had issues or difficult pasts. She naturally empowers everyone around her; and not only pushes herself and develops her own career, but that of those she mentors and teaches.

    Of all the people I have worked with, I can honestly say I have never worked with anyone who could challenge her fantastic wealth of experience and tenacity to promote and facilitate change.

    I sincerely hope that the relationship we have built over the years last a very long time.”

    Suzanne Skeete
    Director Tappy Twins


  • “If you are looking for a good therapist that is highly professional in all aspects of her work, who has a great capacity for empathy and understanding, and is skilled in dealing with a wide range of issues or personal concerns; then working with Suzzanne is highly recommended.

    I will continue to recommend clients to her service, knowing that the standard of the therapy and support you will receive from Suzzanne is admirable.”

    Edieneh Spence
    Carpe Diem Counselling and Training Consultants