Children & Young People

Working with Children and Young People: ‘Time for Me’

I have many years of experience of supporting and empowering children and young people with a range of vulnerabilities and complex needs; to develop resilience and cope with a variety of issues, raise aspirations and enhance their personal potential e.g. loss and bereavement, bullying, low levels of self esteem and confidence.

I fundamentally work with the person centred model in my counselling sessions with children and young people, and allow choice for a range of approaches for self expression including talking therapy, play therapy, use of toys and basic art and craft materials.

Safeguarding Children and Young People

1-1 sessions with children and young people are for those aged ten or above, a child/young person and the parent/legal guardian must both give written consent for the child/young person to attend for the agreed number of sessions.

Children/young people are to be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian on their first visit to the Therapy Suite.

*For subsequent sessions children/young people must be dropped off and collected from each session by either the legal parent/guardian or another person acting in loco parentis by prior and signed agreement with the parent/ legal guardian.

*Young people who are independently responsible to travel to/from sessions on their own can do so with permission and signed consent by their parent/legal guardian. Appointments for independently responsible young people attending on their own are only available up until 5pm.