Counselling 1-1 weekly sessions: ‘Supporting You Through Change’
What to expect?

I offer a safe, ethical, non-judgmental, empathic and accepting therapeutic space for you to explore any aspects of yourself that you choose to work on during our time together.
Our work will be grounded on psychodynamic concepts which seek to make links between your past early life and unconscious processes and how these may be affecting you in your life now. This approach can support you to gain deeper insight and self awareness in order to gain clarity or make conscious changes in the present.

Together we will to explore your needs and unique personal goals for counselling and agree how we will work together; ensuring that your experience and the time you invest is relevant and meaningful and that your potential for growth is maximised.

You can come to counselling for a short term basis for crisis support or choose to work together on a long term basis. We will mutually contract to work together either with a time limited or open ended period, each session will last for 50 minutes and is usually on a weekly basis.

What I can help you with i.e. specific issues/challenges

Talking through and sharing sensitive and painful personal experiences can help to reduce anxiety levels and release the burden of dealing with them on your own.

The counselling process can help you to come to terms with the impact of your experiences, or gain a different perspective in order to cope more effectively if you are feeling stuck, or immobilised by the things you cannot change.

As someone who is skilled in offering an unconditional, safe and ethical space, I can support you to work through a range of issues or experiences; including anxiety, stress, low self esteem/confidence, depression, addiction, coping with bereavement and loss, sexual, emotional, mental abuse, anger, trauma, feelings of worthlessness/powerlessness, low energy/apathy, insomnia, family, work or personal relationships, sexuality, job loss/redundancy/career change, feeling stuck, being affected by drug/alcohol use, crime or imprisonment.

Specialist Areas

I am an experienced and skilled specialist in working with children and young people, particularly those affected by loss and bereavement.

I also have specialist skills and experience in working with those affected by crime or imprisonment, particularly female offenders and ex-offenders.